The Hall of Realities


The world is filled with realities, each one walking around on two or four legs. Today I have entered the Hall of Realities instead of the Hall of Mirrors. Yet, in a way each Reality offered is a mirror.

You can tell a lot about a person by the reality they accept. Many never speak of their reality. Too afraid of being rejected maybe. Too afraid of being told they are wrong as another overlays their reality.

It is a beautiful and nuanced thing, a reality. For everyone is given so many details to work with. It is a picture that has been painted 24/7 since before this lifetime.

People can be very protective of their reality, using laughter as a shield, afraid that viewing a reality far outside of their own could break their mirror… that beautiful picture that family friends, teachers, television helped them create.

For some, they fear this laughter. So hide their reality away. Others keep their reality in a mold so they don’t turn into the person being laughed at.

Yet this laughter is a shield others see as a weapon. The only damage it can do is what the listener allows it to do. Once you realize laughter is not really a weapon, your fear of being laughed at fades. You are free to pick up any paint that stands out to you to paint your reality.

It is then that the real art begins.


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