To all those in Pain/Those who do not get their way


May the suffering pass and your life turn into a beautiful flower.

I know of Pain. I too have felt the sting. Yet, I also know that Pain is something that Passes.

They say that Pain exists to help a person grow. I do not know if this is true, but seeing how the Pain has transformed you into a Loving, and a more Compassionate person will transform the Pain.

When Pain is no longer the enemy. When you have a different relationship with Pain. Things become different.

Sometimes we do not get our way. As unfair as that may seem.

Yet, know that there is a reason for the unfairness.

I have studied many things and people. Outside of the Mainstream.

So many Realities have been shown to me. Each person carries their own individual picture.

We are in a study of respecting another’s Reality, even when it means you do not get your way.

So many concepts and ideas will be presented to us. Some will say the opposite of another idea. Yet, with the right argument, backed by the right intelligence, each of these contradictory arguments might seem equally true.

The lesson is, to respond to all with Love and Respect.

If you do not get your way, I challenge you to answer with Love and Respect.

Follow your heart, being Honest even if doing so means you do not get your way.

Speak your Truth, even if your Truth is misunderstood. Even if those hearing your truth think you Insane. Even if they try to argue with you. Just respond with Respect for their Reality.

For Injustice will turn to Justice. Pain will turn to Joy. Lack will turn to Abundance.

Not by some intellectual trick, but when the world Follows your example.

The example you set of Love, Respect, and Honesty.

As someone who did not get my way today. As someone who has felt deep pain. As someone who is more often to see the Lack than the Abundance. Even if you do not take my challenge, consider it. For though this Blessing is written to You, the Challenge is for Me.


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