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Feeling unauthentic

Life can be tricky. I try to write about my knowledge, but at times it feels like I am putting on a mask. I’ve listened to enough talented teachers, and channelers to be able to put on a pretty realistic looking mask. I sure can seem like I […]

Today’s Progress

I continued to do a little artwork today, as I will be busy taking down my garden tomorrow, and working. I did two nude figure drawings, but only one turned out. I started trying to combine my recent work with circles and figure drawing in the featured image […]

Update: Me

Yesterday was a free day for me. I had plans on cleaning, but soon found myself feeling sick and tired. My head hurt, and everything in it, from my teeth to my eyes, felt like an infection was setting in. My solution to such a thing is to […]

Sunny Side Up

I settled down to listening to the free audio on Sounds True for the month of May. I had already listened to some Kryon, and True Divine Nature, and it was getting really late. I just didn’t want to go to bed yet, so I started a new […]