Bentinho Massaro for discovering the EPICNESS within


Hello World,
I have a habit of doing artwork while listening to spiritual teachings. You might have noticed I talked about Bentinho Massaro for a bit, and then stopped. For a bit, he didn’t resonate as much with me. I was listening to Matt Kahn who was all about Love, and that was enough. Bentinho, however, has a certain cosmic EPICNESS. If you are in need of an EPIC life Bentinho is the teacher for you. EPIC receives all capitals because Bentinho’s teachings are not epic, they are EPIC.

I am feeling a lack of EPICNESS. I certainly have a Magickal life with all my Oracle cards and Crystals. I mentally am able to visit Faerie land, and even talk to Mother Earth. Yet, the life I led lacks the same elements. Every day is filled with normal activities. Little laughter. Little of anything outside the balance of peace.

Now I enjoy peace. A week long vacation leaves me in great need of Introverted balance, as I am mostly an Introvert. Yet, every now and then, I need to be EPIC.

When we enter the lottery, or spend money on the latest iPhone. We are hoping for the EPIC. I am not sure it is really about status at all. Status is great in so far as it makes us feel epic.

Apple is a brand that promises us the EPIC. They haven’t been delivering the EPIC ever since Steve Jobs returned to spirit. If they don’t find someone to push the company back to the EPIC, they will become just another computer company.

Wait just a moment, I was getting majorly sidetracked. Either way, I am saying that we need EPIC. We waste money hoping to capture the feeling of EPIC. We dream of the EPIC lottery win, so we can pursue the EPIC full time. Yet, the product doesn’t deliver the EPIC quite as well as the teachings of Bentinho Massaro.

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