Old Oil Pastels: Childhood/Other Older Pieces


This is am image I made in my first Mania. After feel stuck in my artwork for some time, and unable to access the spirit I did artwork in as a child, suddenly a switch flipped. This image was drawn on top of an older piece I had trouble with. Suddenly everything was flowing, and I could create quality artwork. This was done with cheap Oil Pastel, my material of choice in my youth.

Here are some old images:


This picture of tree people was entered in a local Expo when I was a child, I didn’t win anything.


This is inspired by Inuit artwork in Alaska. This is a whale person with the red and black lines that are drawn on Inuit whale art. The glacier has a wolf face, and is howling to the moon.


This tree face was inspired by my tree people. The tree people was inspired by a work before that.


I was drawing three trees in this picture, and then I saw Jesus in the middle tree. So this is my first tree person, from seeing Jesus on the cross while drawing a tree. This was put up in my religion classroom for a long time after I turned it in for an assignment.


This is inspired by the image where I won the local Expo (Third Place), I do not have that image here. I think I won $25.


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