Update: Me

Yesterday was a free day for me. I had plans on cleaning, but soon found myself feeling sick and tired. My head hurt, and everything in it, from my teeth to my eyes, felt like an infection was setting in. My solution to such a thing is to sleep it off. So I slept in really late.

I got up and did basic cleaning, but even with all that sleep I was still tired. I was still feeling sick. So after maybe three hours of being up, I went back to sleep. I woke up at 9 p.m. Finally not sleepy. My head was better to. I thought I’d be up all night, but was back asleep by 2 p.m.

So my day for weeding and cleaning disappeared. Today I work. I guess I should just be glad I slept my illness off. I have no idea what it was.

I have been doing more light artwork. Nothing profound. I frankly want to get a scanner someday. I remember when I had one before, it worked well with oil pastel. I used to play with my scanner too. I’d put a fabric in it to scan on high resolution, and move it around as the scan occurred. I even scanned things like C.D.’s, and pencils. I’d move the pencil along with the scanning bar so that it looked like a long row of pencils instead of just four. I had this strange idea to create a trend of scanner art. I posted the idea online, but it never caught on.

I do know that an oil pastel scanned on high resolution gets very small details. If you apply the oil thickly and with your fingers, on a high resolution scan you can get a larger image of the picture to the point you can see the thickness and fingerprints. The oil pastel will make the scanner need cleaning, but it is worth it.

I have been progressing Spiritually. I think I am to the point I can write a pretty interesting book. I have the concept of it in my head. Yet, I cannot give everything away. Secrets. If only I can stick with it this time.

Long pause. I have been sitting here thinking. About my life, and how to best shape it into a book. What level of realism to use, and what details to leave out. How to shape so many years into a story line. I really think my story could help people, be it in an unconventional way. I keep on pulling the card, that my life purpose is connected to helping children. I think my story could help children who are sensitive. Children who feel they are a bit of an outcast. I just don’t know if my story can fit into the Young Adult area. I think considering my life, a memoir would be the most interesting story I could tell. face_someone

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