Conceptual Art from Art School


This bird nest was about my memories of my Grandmother having alzheimer’s. My Grandmother had loved parakeets, and even had one she taught how to talk. The nest was her mind, and how she seemed trapped inside it. The Newspaper was memory, and was dripped in tea to make it look older (didn’t work too well). The memories were falling apart, and little puzzle pieces were handing form the bottom as if falling away. I was lazy and didn’t take a good picture of it hanging up, but you can get the basic idea.

There was also a light on the inside of this piece. You can see the cord to the night light coming out from the bottom of the nest.

This next piece was about a Goldfish being flashed down the toilet after dying, and as if being thrown away. The Professor said it was a better representation of my Grandmothers alzheimer’s then when I attempted to do the Birds Nest.


The orange in the center was a goldfish, made with candy wrappers, fabric and wire. The twisted wire around the goldfish was the movement of the water down the toilet. The wire was made in the shape of a fly trap, and also a toilet. With torn paper and the candy wrappers representing the act of throwing something away. It also reminds me of toilet paper, as the goldfish gets flashed down the toilet after all.

This next image was for another class. We where supposed to represent a sound/action word like POP, or SPLAT. The Word was supposed to sound like the action. I was, however, focused on the word SWEET. Don’t ask me why, I get fixated on things sometimes, and forget if I got a good grade.

The ‘S’ was the pyramid, which I did something to make sure it had a ‘soft’ reflection. The twisting line was the letters, ‘WEE.’ The point at the end was the sharp ending ‘T.’ The copper was meant to hold water. The water would be soft like the beginning of the word, and the copper itself was hard with pointy edges like the ‘T.’ I used a blow touch on the copper so it had a soft reflection.


I forget the titles of most of these pieces. I guess I will title the first, ‘Mind’s Nest.’ I think the second might have been ‘Flash.’ The metal piece (which I am glad to no longer be working with blow torches) was SWEET… of course.

I did not search through my endless files to uncover the Mission Statements for the pieces, but often they were the best part.

This is enough artwork for one post. Further trips down memory lane (as I go through old art school pieces) to come.


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