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I have been writing posts about random dreams for years, but I have been bad at designing Categories to my Posts. Today I went through and created a new Category for Dreams.


I was looking through past dreams and ran across a few interesting early ones, from before I made images for each post.

Last night I dreamt that aliens took all the gas from every car on earth. This was in order to save the world.

My sister and I somehow managed to get our car to a gas station in a snow storm. When we arrived we discovered that there was no gas there either.

Then the aliens put in a wonderful transportation system in the sky. We got in a clear tube that took us to a room with a map. We could go anywhere in the world in seconds and with little energy.

I pushed the wrong button and ended up in New York at an outdoor feast. We were invited to eat.

I find this interesting in that so many of the Channelings I read about are Aliens trying to save the world. I have to admit that this transportation system beats cars, and I might add this to a Cool Imaginings Post. It far beats cars.

This next dream reminds me of the story of Zeus. This comment is from the Xia music video, Flower

xia flower comment

I had a dream about a King who cut off his children’s legs so that they could never take his place. A great battle was going on, with the King trying to get to one of his sons. I was hiding the Prince with magic powers that had been given me. Solders were, but feet away. They could not see us because of my magic.

Then my sister called my name and I woke. (Really woke, not a dream of waking.) I cannot help, but wonder, what would have happened next. I cannot help, but feel that I abandoned the Prince.

Interesting that I was dreaming myself as Metis without even knowing about the legend.

(BTW: I made the image for this post a while ago, but didn’t like it. I need to upload some new pieces, and create more artwork soon. I post images I overlooked before when running low.)

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