My Dream Last Night: Art Class

First thing I remember is that I was doing artwork of the basement of my childhood home. What I was working on was not turning out, and the light had burnt out. I was focusing on fixing the light when the Instructor of this course came to evaluate by work. The Light Suddenly wasn’t a problem. I had a form that asked how many hours I had spent on the art, and how many on work. I had no idea. I wasn’t aware what the work section was supposed to be filled up with. I came up with a random number, but saw the instructor had totaled up the amount as 0.sun_moon

None the less, the instructor complemented by work in the class. Suddenly I found out I had been working with clay, and made a number of pieces. Some were actually from other classes, so I removed some of them. The wood ones. He said that the eyes were very deep on the face I was working on, and asked the meaning.

I did not have much of a response, but soon found students working around me. I was picking my classes for next semester when someone from another area came with a brochure for a class. It was a Singing, Whistling, and Dancing Class where they put on a production at the end. I said, “it was a little hopeless for me, as I cannot whistle.” I made a cute attempt at Whistling that sounded like a teapot. (Which is really the only sound I can make whistling.) “See. Does the class offer techniques on how to whistle.”

The student asked, “You can dance right?”

“Not really.”

“Well you can at least sing?”

Puffing up my pride (to hide I can not really sing that well) I said, “Well that kind of comes naturally, doesn’t it.”

The student said, “You look like the artistic type, based on the way you are dressed.”

“I shop at thrift stores, but most of these clothes are hand me downs from my sister. It is so much fun to find a good piece of clothes at a thrift store. I recommend the Salvation Army.”

“I wasn’t aware of the Salvation Army. The best part is you can get a T-shirt for 25 cents. What normally would have cost $11.99. That is beyond four times deference.”

As we talked I had followed the student across the basement, and he had gone up the stairs and disappeared. Suddenly students all around me where complaining that I had gotten such a good grade when I did a fraction of the hours of everyone else.

I started a debate with a fellow student, I do not remember the first part, but afterwards the student said, “Well, I believe myself to be perfect.”

I said, “You are perfect, just don’t expect the world around you to be perfect too. The world has not reached that yet.” As I spoke these words understandings of facts that all your emotions are a perfect dance, and not to be judged otherwise flowed through me.

The students all suddenly saw me as very enlightened. “I didn’t come up with this, but someone else whom I can not tell you did.” I could not tell them because I had traveled back in time and Matt Kahn wasn’t teaching yet. Even through I did not know if this was exactly a Matt Kahn teaching.

This is not the end of the dream, but I feel I should end the narration now. It gets a little hard to describe and the narration is pretty choppy feeling already.

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