Dreams of Channeling


Last night I dreamed that I could hear someone talking to me in my mind. It was so clear I wondered if I were ill. I adjusted realizing that I was asleep, there is no problem with hearing things when you are asleep.

A clear voice was speaking to me of many things. I do not remember everything, but remember asking, “Why do you have the voice of Kryon? Are you not Nexus?” The voice stopped for a moment, and responded, “Do not fear.” So I have no idea who was telling me information at great speed in my dream. I had to think in a certain way in the dream in order to hear anything. Kind of an opening of the mind.

I remember the end of the dream. Where I was being presented with how my siblings lives were about to change. My brother would become a well paid book reviewer, who had a huge blog following.

Sadly, I do not remember exactly what the changes coming to my other siblings were. My sister Theresa, might become a Doctor. Yet, the dream also sad that this was sad.

I certainly don’t remember what changes are coming to my life.

I do vaguely remember ordering National Geographic Magazine for three years. It was cheaper to get three years then two.

I was told some of these changes being made will be like they were never anything other then that. History would rewrite to help my siblings find themselves in a better place.

Therefore my sister would not only become a Doctor, but have always taken the path of a Doctor (which is the sad part, because she had intended to be a Doctor long ago when she started college, and followed her passion instead).

I think there is a bit of metaphor being used here. I don’t know if my sister will actually become a Doctor after all these years, but perhaps life is going to give her the chance.

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