Dream of Disclosure to Self


Hello, I have found that watching Wisdom Teaching by David Wilcock leads to some pretty interesting dreams. The first night after discovering the show, I had a dream of all the inside information David Wilcock could not reveal on the show, being told to me through shows. I, however, was unable to remember the details. Just a whole night of Disclosures one after another.

Last Night, I had a E.T. themed dream in a similar vein. The dreams felt different from a normal sleep. Like I was slipping between Dimensions in my sleep. I was in my apartment, then waiting for someone in the early morning (I was still sleeping), I wondered around the apartment complex and Dimensions in the dream. It was very disjointed. For a moment I was riding down the side of a road, and I looked to the side to see a military fence. The kind with Barbed Wire at the top, that are very tall. I realized I was in a Dimension where the world was so at War that everyday life was right beside the military complexes.

The striking thing about all these dreams with E.T.s and Dimensions is it felt like everything was literal instead of the usual metaphors. It wasn’t about the Self so much as a personal Disclosure about reality. Which I wish I could remember the details to.

At times when falling asleep it is like I draft to a new state. I will come back to consciousness with no memory of a dream, and no recollection of what I was thinking. I will not have the sleepiness of having just been asleep. Only lately, I have started to get a sense of something existing moments before I come back into alertness. As if I had drifted into a realm where thought exists without awareness. The lack of awareness means the thoughts do not get stored in memory, but just pass one to another. The thought exists, but once it is gone, it is gone.

Perhaps I am existing near the next Dimension when this happens. My Self has yet to set up a storage system for thoughts in that state. It is like starting at ground one. First I was not aware of the thoughts. Then I was aware of thoughts, but without memory. Then I was vaguely aware of a memory that there had been a thought. Once I learn to remember in this state, when I return, I will remember.

Apparently for me, and maybe for many of us, I first enter the realm of 5-D in sleep. Which is resulting in a different kind of Dream then ever before.

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