Dream: Haunted House/Watching Horror Film


It was an old Victorian home. Large and filled with ghosts that threw things and people around. I made it to the courtyard. I was a maid in this house and was was tired from cleaning. I lay down in the grass, and a ghost started giving a message. Suddenly I was outside the maid, as she gathered gentlemen (dream set in time when there were actual gentlemen) from far and wide to witness getting a message from a ghost. Only the ghosts started throwing people around again. I left this scene and returned to the topsy turvy house (topsy turvy in that you never knew when you would find yourself flying upside down).

Suddenly I was in a room with my family. The Haunted House was a Horror film we were watching. There was a child in the room, and I objected the child was to young to watch such a movie. So his mother told me to take him to the bedroom. Which I did with my eldest sister. The movie room, and bedroom were part of the Haunted House.

In the bedroom were beautiful stain glassed windows catching the last light of day. They shone bright sunset red in the area where light still reached. I lost my tooth. I looked at it, and said, “I’ve lost my tooth before and put it back in.” So my sister advised me to do so. The tooth was hollow, and a part of it had fallen out that was moldy. So I decided to go to the dentist and get a new tooth sometime. I was suddenly talking to my Mother and she said we would save up money to get me a new tooth. There was much debate about if I even needed the tooth, because my Dentist had said, “I still have one baby tooth.”

Safe in the bedroom of the Haunted House, my sister decided to take everyone to the Ice Cream Parlor in the House, and back into the action. We walked the hallways, and found ghosts serving Haunted House style Ice Cream (with eyes in it.) Another two teeth fell out of my mouth, these were not hollow or moldy, but good healthy teeth. I realized I was wearing old braces that were upsetting my teeth so much they were falling out. I took out the braces.

At this point I started wondering why everyone was hanging out at the Haunted House. I had shown a scene where one of the families had tried to drive away, but the car was driven by the child instead of parent, and went into the bushes. Then it returned to the road, and got a flat tire. I saw there were many houses, and in fact a big part of a city right at the end of the driveway. They could have pulled the car (or walked) to another house for help, but they pulled it back to the Haunted House. This confused me.


Haunted Houses seem to have to do with emotions. Ghosts in such dream appear to be visitor from the past (even those who have passed on). In the dream the emotions of the past are turning this big beautiful mansion into a bit of a fun house… a spectacle. When I was a Maid taking a break from cleaning the house in the courtyard (clean up my emotions and spiritual work), I was tired, and one of the Ghosts, who created the commotion tried to give me relaxation in a massage.

When I turned it into a spectacle by inviting the upper class men (who did no cleaning, but enjoyed a easier life) the ghosts were unwilling to help the ‘gentlemen’ relax. Instead they felt more like throwing them into the whirlwind of emotion.

When my family is shown watching the Horror movie of the dream while within the Haunted House, it means I have turned my emotions into a spectacle that I prefer to keep children from watching. I took the child to the privacy of a bedroom, but my sister who came with me, got us to exit the bedroom. To have a little fun with emotions and get Ice Cream.

The losing of three teeth saws that the covering up of my emotions is causing anxiety. The statement that I can just put the tooth back in place actually come from a memory of a temporary cap tooth falling out, and me just putting it back (I did this). I guess my at the core level my self interpreted returning a cap tooth into place, as putting a real fallen tooth back in place. It suggests that I have control of my anxiety.

The final scene of the dream, is of me wondering why stay in the inside of all these emotions, having them on display, and cleaning them out. Why not just exit the House. The dream showed me the wild ride with the Inner Child driving that would be. In the end I would choose to go back to my house, instead of entering the many houses of emotion unknown to me.

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