Brainstormers Needed: How to keep Artists from Being Starving


I normally do not write so many posts in a day, but a topic is on my mind. After already writing about The Unthought of Piracy of the Web, I got to thinking of how Society repetitively fails Artists.

The system for Artists is designed to Highlight the ‘Lucky Few.’ Often with the Lucky Few being a little confused as to how they were chosen to be the Master Artist while other Artists are overlooked.

The Art in the Museum is glorified with millions of dollars of worth, while the Artist on the Street can have trouble selling a print for $60. I am sure some of you have heard of the Artist Banksy who decided to try selling his work in Central Park for $60. He managed to sell to just three people, when the buyers didn’t know he was considered one of the Lucky Few. (Read an the New York Post article on the event here.)

The articles tend to focus on how much money the three buyers are making now that they are selling this work, not on the fact that without a ‘Name for themselves’ everyday Artists are so undervalued that they have to sell the same art for $60 or less.

Our society is willing to have countless organizations to keep the historic art in the museums, but few organizations spend time finding a way to help the Artists in the world make a living.

After years of being out of the Art world, due to illness, I am reentering. I have a choice ahead of me. I could use my unconventional thinking to craft concepts that will sell, and fight my way to the top tooth and nail?

I would rather, as an artist who has never made a name for myself, use my Art (this time in the written form) to speak of the injustice of society. The great imbalance I perceive from my lowly place as a nobody in the eyes of that Society.

The Cultural level of a Society is not decided by the quality of antique Art in the Museum, but by how it enables the Living Art of the Artists themselves, to follow their passion. For the true Artwork was never the painting, the true Artwork was the being of the Artist who painted it.

I see beautiful Artwork all around me, countless Artists who deserve a name. Pushed into being beggars on Patreon by the very fact that there are not jobs for most Artists. We remain unvalued. For as an Artist, I am no better then you, and even the ‘Lucky Few’ are no better. You may judge my Art as not good enough, but my art was never in the image.

So to the Artists reading this, I say, never take anyone seriously who says you are not good enough. Think deeply about what the Artist Banksy highlighted, an Artist whose work is said to be worth millions, had trouble selling his work for $60. Don’t listen to constructive criticism if it is not asked for. Because the amount of shading, the colors used, the skill shown, etc, really have nothing to do with Art.

For a long time now, Art has not been about the image. Artists have made it into the ‘Lucky Few’ by pointing that out. I think Warhol is an example everyone will understand. Not only did he use modified photographs (sometimes), but he had other Artists who were not in the ‘Lucky Few’ make the screen prints. He just placed his name on the painting afterwards to make it worth millions.

Artists have been pointing out this inequality for eras. It is high time Society correct the imbalance and figure out how to take the Starving out of Artist.

So I am calling for Brainstormers. The world is changing, why? We are changing. We need to use this changing momentum to create new systems to turn the Artists (of all fields) from nameless to named. Not just the few, but the all.

My name is Elisabeth Maddix. That is all I should need to say/do in order to show you I have made a name for myself. I was already given a name the moment I was born. You too? Then we have already all made a name for ourselves, and we should not be required to prove it in order to be able to follow our passion.

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