Inspired by Tim E. Bush Abstract


Abstract Fruit Bowl

When I was creating the outline for this image (I started with Black and added Color) I couldn’t help but think that this was as close to Tim. E. Bush’s Abstract style as my skills enable me to get.

A long time ago I was a patron to Tim E. Bush on in fact his site is how I discovered On his site you can find many products. He has a new set of Almost Abstract RWS Tarot Cards in Jumbo and Small sizes.

However I was thinking about his Abstracted Coloring Book that is only $5.30 on Amazon. There are in fact two such books, a Volume One and a Volume Two. I do not have his Coloring Books, but they would make a unique quality gift.

Tim has been trying all aspects of Social Media in order to make it as an artist. While I do not currently support him on Patreon, I think he fully deserves having a good amount of Patrons.

I tried Patreon myself, before realizing that due to having Disability Income, unlike many Artists, I should not go this route. (I even removed the links to my Patreon.) It was an important step to put my Artwork on Zazzle, even if I have not updated my store. It was me saying that, “Yes, I am good enough.”

I also would not even have heard of Zazzle, if it were not for Tim. I cannot currently become a Patron to Tim, but I can use my voice to spread word of his name.

The Angels are watching out for you Tim.

His site is

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  1. Thanks for writing this. I am glad my work has inspired you and I do remember the patreon support. It was a big help and kept me going. I haven’t updated patreon in a while, but maybe I will get back to it soon. There are so many different things to try and get the message out, it is always good to have some help from a fellow blogger. 🙂

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