Why are my Images so Cute, while my Writing often Deep


If you checked out my old work, you would see my style has changed dramatically. In Art School, I followed more conventional ideas of “Conceptual Art.” However, after my illness attacked, and I could not longer put the same passion into Art, I started finding that an image isn’t always worth a thousand words. For example, how could I portray the last sentence in image?

So as the rebellious Artist, I started making Art the way I would have as a child. As if I were unconcerned with all this ‘Concept,’ that allows Artists to make money putting toilets into art shows. Yes, Duchamp’s Fountain might have been rebellious in its Era, but now it is common place. Now Concept is placed over Skill.

I could easily pick up where I was when I stopped being able to do Art. I could have picked Concepts and followed the Formula for making Art from it. Yet, that wasn’t the Art I enjoyed making. I choose to pick up my Art from my Childhood instead of my college days.

Yet, let me surprise you, this Cutesy Image above, or this one as well…


contain the same amount of Concept as any of my purposely Conceptual Art.

I just discovered, as I have stated in posts before, Artists Statements can be so bold as to exist without any image or object at all. So I write out my Artists Statements, and don’t even bother to inform others that it is anything other then a Blog Post. While I continue making the image part of Art anyway that meets my fancy.

I am sure my Art can be categorized, some are similar to Minimalist, etc, but I do not make art with any category in mind. I feel like creating so I create. If I were to start a movement of Art, for a while I thought I would define Art as an expression of Joy. Yet, after thought, I felt it to limiting, my Art is the Movement of Creation.

Oftentimes, a person feels Joy when they create, but not always. This Movement of Creation is for Artists to forget about everything that has been defined as ‘good’ Art, and to Create whatever they want.

Why? Because everything inherently has a Concept. If they need to create a Concept to get a passing grade/sell Art, they uncover that from the Art they created. Just as I just uncovered that my Cute images are a rebellion against what Modern day Art Society says is Valuable Art, and what they say is worthless.

I am mocking the Concept of Concept with my Concept. Yet, if you enjoy Concept, more power to you.

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