Cannot fathom…


Here I am with time to write, having spoken at length about starting to write any thought that enters your mind when you have no ideas towards what to write… I have an overarching Intuition that I do not feel much like posting. This seems to be a growing trend, with my posts going from often to more sporadic.

I might be gone much of next week, as I was gone the last. Even if I brought my computer on my travels, I was tired enough at night to go to sleep instead. Almost all week, I kept healthy hours. Healthy hours for me means no time to surf the web.

So I am playing catch up, on what I can today. Tomorrow, depending on the weather, I might end up at a Renaissance Festival.

This Summer has been a combination of busy time and downtime. Yet, time is going so fast. Summer is slowly turning into Fall. My September Birthday is on its way.

I have been sitting here a while. Pondering. Perhaps this post, in only hours the inspiration to write will come to me. Yet, as of now, I feel this is a complete enough post.

If Blogging were a paying job, I might have to come up with something substantial every day, or at least once a week. I might have to switch over to another form of WordPress in that case. Yet, as this Blog is my Kingdom, my whims of whether or not to write rein absolute.


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