If I were a poet…


If I were a poet, I could capture this feeling in verse. Yet, words in eloquence were never my strong point. I was in the lowest reading level at my school. My communications are often misunderstood.

It is hard for me to explain my concept of God, beyond that I understand God as the Love Force, which is consequently what everything is made of. So if I were a poet I could type a prayer that could better capture my phrase to God/Love.

I am feeling religious, knowing full well that my beliefs fit in no religious institution.

Sometimes I pass by the Islamic Center in town which has listed on its sign a workshop toward understanding Islam. Sometimes I want to attend. Not because I want to become Muslim, but I want to ask a single question, “What about God makes your heart Sing most.”

I do not want to get caught up in the divisions between my faith with another’s. I want to offer respect to all faiths and hear the beautiful songs of faith.

Love is a beautiful thing. Therefore, God being the essence of Love is a beautiful thing. Love is the force that connects us as a society. It is the force that makes life worth living. It is in every single thing and is what makes that thing beautiful.

I continue on my largely Solo path, knowing full well that those around me do not understand. In my heart, I know that save for a few technical differences in our beliefs, we in fact essentially praise the same God/Love.

I was raised to be Catholic. My heart has sung along with the hymns in Mass. Even if I have no idea what I am now, as my faith now exists without a name, my heart can still sing in Praise of God.

My Mother is concerned that I do not attend Mass. Yet, honestly, I spend more time pursuing Spiritual knowledge than I imagine many of the people who attend Mass weekly do. I simply do not feel the need for my faith to be based on a community.

To me, a person is closest to God when they feel Love in their hearts. If you really focus on that Love feeling, you are feeling God. For God is that Love you feel. When you Love another, that person has a chance to feel the God in you. Love is a guiding force, that does not need intelligence to be understood.

So I praise the Love that connects the Mother/Father to the child. I praise the Love a child feels for the Mother/Father. I praise the Love that connects neighbors and strangers. I even praise the Love for self, that enables us to respect ourselves.

So if you are a religious person tell me, “What about God makes you want to sing like an angel in praise of God’s name? What makes you wish you could find the words to describe the wonder and awe?”

If you are a non-religious person, “What act of Kindness, Love, and Compassion is so profound it brings tears to your eyes?”

Realize when either of you answers this question, you are talking about the same thing. For when another feels Loved, they are feeling God. An Athiest might not believe in God, but I have never heard anyone say they do not believe in the other name for God called Love.

I have tried to explain, briefly, to an Athiest that when people are talking about God they are talking about the undeniable force of Love. I did not push the topic because I am not sure many religious people would agree with me.

How would a person prove that Love exists?

That was many years ago. Now I would feel less of a need to explain and just respect that person’s reality.

So in my reality, God is Love. Love is God. Being Loving is the most eloquent way to Praise God.

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