A week of vacation… plus my philosophy on Blogging


Tomorrow is my Dad’s 70th Birthday. After celebrating we will be headed to South Haven for the week. The Summer is nearly over, which means the random trips will decrease. I needed up not going to the RenFest, but used the day to do lots of Artwork. It was the opening weekend, so it would have been crowded.

I have been playing more Monster Legends lately, and so have been tempted numerous times to spend money on things that are very superficial. Yesterday, I resisted successfully. I have been trying to save up enough money to have money to spend on my vacation. I am unsure how much money I would want to spend, but need to be prepared.


I had a dream last night that my Mother was giving birth when Zombies attacked the hospital. Turns out I am a talented Zombie fighter. Than I went off and found stickers to put in my Fathers Birthday Card. I was surprised to find a sticker that said, “From Lisa,” and another that said, “From Elisabeth.” I had never seen anything in a store list Elisabeth with an ‘S’ in place of the ‘Z’ before.


I might not be taking my computer with me to South Haven, but have an iPod Touch that will cover most of my computing needs. So while I might end up with pictures for Instagram… that is a big might as I tend to live and the moment and forget to take pictures for later… I will not likely be posting for a while.

This is why I thought it important to post today, even if as of late my inspiration to post was greatly decreased.

I am just telling people that I have not given up on Blogging. Despite the fact my number of posts has decreased. Perhaps in the future another Month like last December will come, where I have sometimes 6 posts in a day.

The decrease in posts is much like my early years of Blogging, where I would stop for months between posting. Only now I am attempting to keep the lifeline to my Blog flowing. I know that some people coming across a Blog will first check to see how recently someone has posted. A Blog without updates in the last 6 months will be looked over. (Why? Because I used to do that.)

There are many people who give up on Blogging. They post faithfully for a year or two and give up.

When I first started playing Final Fantasy Online (Final Fantasy XI), I realized that I could become absorbed in the game, and put in long hours raising levels. Yet, those who do that are likely to get bored of the game more quickly. They would wear themselves out. My idea was to win the race with the slow and steady approach.

Granted the game was on my Brothers account, and I had to leave to go to college… I dropped out of that race quickly. I dropped out of all gaming in college to focus on studies. I mainly gamed in the Summers during that time.

Yet, I am bring this up to tell you that this is how I plan on winning the Blogging game. When I don’t feel like posting, my posts will be rare. If I stick with Blogging for as long as I would have stuck with Final Fantasy Online (if I never had to focus on college over play) I am much more likely to have a successful Blog. Each year I will have hundreds of more posts to attract search engines.

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  1. Numbers don’t matter and you know this Earth Angel! You are successful 🙂 Happy bday to your dad… and enjoy the end of summer! Keep doing what you love. Hey, have you tried saffron tea? I just read it’s good for your eyes but haven’t tried yet.

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