Emotional Release


Let me start over. Emotion hit me last night. It was one of those rare times, when I allow myself to cry. One of those times when I allow my fears that the world will not change to surface.

Now Bashar’s predictions for the Fall of 2016 are, as I said in posts before, not Peaches and Creme. However, I have the hopes the the changes will not happen painfully.

I cannot forget the promises of Secret Space Insider Corey Goode, promises of the kind of technology that will be released to the public in the event of Full Disclosure. Yet, last night, I wondered if this technology really existed, and it it would be released in time to transform my life.

The emotions of the unemployed youth were being dissolved within me. I took on a bit of that out of the collective. As Matt Kahn says, ‘When you feel an emotion your are dissolving it from the collective.”

I really, really cried and wrote out my fears last night. I immediately deleted them, after re-reading. Part of me was thinking that this emotional release would make the good beginning of a book. I still deleted it.

As I was attempting to fall asleep. It was one of those times, when I blank out for a bit, and have no memory of dreams. I was attempting to sleep, and than I was aware a lot of time had passed, but I had no memory of it passing. This could happen with a dreamless sleep, but I didn’t feel like I had just been sleeping.

So I will assume, that my Soul took a trip on the Astral to a place I have no ability to remember.

If this is the lead up to this years Lion Gate, it is going to be a powerful one. The very next day, I will have a three hour evaluation for a new psychiatrist 8/9.

On a side note, I am hungry.


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