Saving money this month


I have a challenge ahead of me. I have a habit of being horrible at saving money. If I have the money in my bank account, I will think of ways to spend it. There is always someone I feel called to support, be it through donations, shopping, or getting a reading.

For a while, I had lots of money when the government decided to compensate me for all the time I was disabled and not on disability. So when reading Doreen Virtue, or whatever teacher I had at the moment, talk about trusting in the angels for my abundance… I would donate money.

I never reached my goal of having one loan for each country with donations from Kiva. Proud of my record of donations one Christmas, I showed my Mother the amount I’d been investing in a better world. Instead of praise, I was lectured on how I shouldn’t be donating money when I am on limited income.

My generous spirit goes beyond donations. I will walk by a small business and feel called to support them. If I like a Blogger who offers readings, I will get a reading to show support. I frankly have gotten far more readings than I need.

I am called to write this because staying on track with saving money this month is going to be hard for me. I’ve already felt called to donate $50. Then I discovered I needed to buy replacements for my ZeroWater Filters. (If my water doesn’t taste pure, I cannot drink it. I become dehydrated and start spending more on surgery drinks because I need liquid.) ZeroWater Filters are costly. I decided to get more filters to save money in the long run, but there goes another $60 that I didn’t intend to spend.

(I had to get two kinds of filters, I first use a Pur filter and then the ZeroWater. This makes the ZeroWater filter last longer. I had run out of all filters. I grew up on Well Water and seem unable to adapt to the taste of City Water. Before finding the ZeroWater Filter, I had to put lemon in my water to cover up the taste of even a Pur water filter. It might be a week before the filters arrive, I was tempted to pay for two-day shipping to avoid dehydration, but for some reason, that wasn’t arriving until the 16th. So I am going to have to start brewing tea to cover up the taste of city water.)

I didn’t get a reading, but I was even tempted to support someone by getting a reading. If I didn’t have this strange tendency to spend money if I have any savings, I’d have a lot more savings.

So now that I’ve given myself the challenge of making my tax refund grow until I can make a bigger purchase. I can still stay on the plan this month and save the amount of money I intended. I had actually budgeted in a high amount of grocery money.

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