Art today and yesterday! Plus who I was listening to.

First off I was running out of New Images to use again! So while I listened to spoken word in the background I did three New Pieces.

I think that yesterday and today the art turned out a little better than sometimes. So I am offering a Preview of Images that will be used in posts when I am ready to write.

I have been thinking of changing my Blog up. As a lot of my vocabulary (using terms like Starseed or Lightworker) was alienating to many people. In some of my recent posts I have been focusing more on my view of God/Love. I have been trying to convey this view with a vocabulary that those who don’t consider themselves Loosely New Aged would understand.

It was an attempt to break down the borders a little, so instead of fighting over vocabulary differences, we could see that we are talking about the same thing. I also wanted to provide an understanding of God/Love to those who have trouble with the concept.

Now I hesitate to use my New Age Vocabulary, even if most who follow my Blog are deeply connected to that language. I was tempted not to mention that the ‘spoken word’ I was listening to was from a Youtube Channeler.

Why? Because to some ‘Channeling’ is a charged word. Many Religions speak negatively of it. I no longer Channel. I have tried it, but like speaking with my own words. I didn’t like going into the Background when I can use my Creativity/Experience to write. I feel that when speaking for myself, I am fully able to access my Logic, and explain better.

Even if I prefer to write for myself, I still will listen to Channelers from time to time. For me when I did try Channeling, it was like I was able to speak with an authority that I personally hesitate to write in.

I discovered a new Channeler, and have been trying to decide what I think of him. In the past there have been Channelers I listened to and decided that I didn’t need to hear more. These tend to be Channelers that are Fear Based, or continuously have you in waiting mode.

So I will post this Channeler’s website, and say that don’t know what I think about Rob Gauthier:


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