Writing Out Blessings


May you discover…

that shining Joy that makes your heart smile.

May each moment…

reward you with the kinds of Abundance you desire

a Fountain of Love

a Crowd of Friends

a Mountain of all those shiny electronics

an Endless Harvest of Foods, each bite tasting better than the last

a Orchestra of Music to Groove to

a Wealth of Comfort for all your Pains.

May you find these things…

without having to trick the Universe with Laws of Attraction

without having to beg, cheat or steal.

May you always be true to yourself on this Journey.

You don’t have to find the right Religion, or conquer Spirituality.

You don’t have to have any Religion at all in order for this Blessing to Reach You.

This Blessing is for all those who have ever Suffered.


You will find your way, and your way does not have to be my way.

Even those who would attack my way, for being so radical.

Instead of a Fight from me, you will receive a Blessing.


My way, is the way of discovering how to Love All.

Even those who feel they need to lie to me or cheat me from my Abundance.

I have an Abundance which cannot be stolen, it is given freely.

I have an Abundance of Love.

No matter how many people, I can think to individually bless.

The World has Proved me with an Infinity of Personalities to Bless.

If I ever reach the point, where I have blessed all Beings.

I will start over, and bless you again.


In order to learn how to Love unselfishly.

We need to learn to Love Ourselves.

Love and Blessings are an Endless Source.


If hearing my Blessing does not satisfy your hunger.

For it is comforting, but perhaps you do not trust my sincerity.

Send yourself the same Blessings.

You too will realize that no matter how much Love you give…

inward or outward

the Well of Love only grows deeper.


The more religious of your might have heard of the Well Jesus Spoke of

Where one drop quenches thirst forever

Thinking about it… I think that well was filled with Love.

Unselfish. Unconditional. Love.

It is a well we all are blessed to have access to.

For even those who cannot Love another,

can Love themselves.


Do not worry if you are unable to Love today…

along the journey you will learn

and the blind will see

and the lame will walk

The Blessings that were Spoken of by those based in Love

Comes to pass when the World Learns How to Love.

Those Based in Love, knew this for they knew Love…

They had Loved so deeply and it taught them so much to Love.


Our Path has been Long, to reach an understanding of Love…

yet it is something which an Infant Understands

with no schooling at all.


Put trust, in these dark hours, that in the face of the Light, the darkness disappears.

It does not retreat, as some would think.

The Force of the Light is so great, that Darkness becomes Light.

When the Light turns on, you will not see Dark Creatures fleeing.

The Creatures you could not see due to the Darkness,

turn out being Scared, Beautiful Souls.

They hid themselves, instead of honestly sharing because of Fear.

The more they hid, the more Fearful they became.

The Light does not tell the Darkness how not to hide by Words.

The Light Shows the Way.


Light, Love, Honesty are the same thing.

Honesty is the Faith that Love is more Powerful than any other force.

Light is the transforming nature of Love.

Love is what is Real. Love is Reality.

It is the one Reality, I have never heard anyone debate.


Matt Kahn gave me the challenge, to instead of going online to complain about life, to write out Blessings for the World. A number of times when writing this, I felt it complete, but I kept on thinking of one more thing to say.

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