Month: January 2016

Need for change

Lately I have been unable to listen to audio and do artwork. I cannot think of what I want to draw. I’ve been uninspired to post either. It has been enough days since I reported into my Blog, that I feel it is time to try expressing myself. […]

Dream: K-pop/Youth

It was any Yugyeom fan’s dream of dreams. I moved to Korea. I remember the feeling of crossing the ocean and arriving in the country. I didn’t take a flight, but transported my entire body across all that distance. Now I have had dreams of transporting to Korea […]


Lulu is unlike any other cat I’ve had before. My first cat, when I was young was shy, and never asked for attention. My second cat, was super shy, and to this day only bonds with one person. Ever other person is to be hidden from. Cecilia was […]

Feeling unauthentic

Life can be tricky. I try to write about my knowledge, but at times it feels like I am putting on a mask. I’ve listened to enough talented teachers, and channelers to be able to put on a pretty realistic looking mask. I sure can seem like I […]