Lulu is unlike any other cat I’ve had before. My first cat, when I was young was shy, and never asked for attention. My second cat, was super shy, and to this day only bonds with one person. Ever other person is to be hidden from. Cecilia was her name, and she would sleep at the foot of my bed. It was a deep bond, but had to be respected in that if you ever scared her even a little it would break.

Lulu is a social cat. She plays with children instead of hiding from them. She loves all people, and is persistent. If I am going to bed, she will get in my way so I have to put her on the floor. She will jump back up in my way again in a flash. I have to pretend to walk out the room, so she will follow, and shut the door. Yet, I cannot keep the door shut. She will get frustrated and start scratching at the bottom of any door that limits her territory. It was really hard to teach her not to scratch under the front door.

So I shut the door by holding it cracked open just enough that she cannot push it open. (If it is completely shut she will scratch the carpet up.) After she has tried to push it twice she gives up, and I am finally able to get into bed. At a random time she will come back to sleep at my feet.

I don’t get it where I have a roommate (who is the actual owner of the cat), but I am the bed she chooses. My roommate does not report her blocking her ability to get in bed.

She is like a new breed of cat, that has some qualities of a dog. She is more energetic, more social, and more demanding. I am used to cats who don’t know how to ask for attention too well. Lulu demands attention.

If I try an Oracle Reading, half the time she will walk over the cards, sometimes she will decide to lay down on top of the cards. Sometimes I use the top of my bed as the table, and rarely a table. Either way I am bound to get a visit.

(My sheets come out of the dryer all winkled, and my Iron broke long ago.)


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