2020 SOULS

I almost have a sad feeling when it comes to thinking of the new waves of children. Feeling that they are more special then me, because all this effort in ascending is for them. A jealously comes forward, that they get to see so much more of the world we today are working to create. Whereas I wonder if I will ever live long enough to see the results. I’m just being honest and speaking words others might find unenlightened. I don’t have to pretend to be a guru. I am not one. I am real.

2020 Spiritual Vision


A few years ago, I was receiving messages about an incoming wave of souls. They were special. They were being sent at a certain time and with a unique purpose. I noted all of the messages certain…. Well, now that’s not important. The information fascinated me and I gooled to see if anyone else was talking about this new wave. At the time I found nothing and now I don’t feel the need to – strange. I know of the crystal, indigo and rainbow children. These children though, I referred to in my notes as the, Rays of Light.

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