Another Dream about Moving to California


Firstly, yes the picture is just something random I designed. It has nothing to do with the dream. I just felt like drawing a Dinosaur one day, and this is the result.

Now for what I remember of the Dream: I had moved to California and was depressed about having to drive in the state. However, there were new Cars on the market. All cars had be upgraded (including old ones) to drive themselves. They were on a network together, like in the movie, ‘I robot.’ I think that was the name. In that movie there is a big network of all the roads, and this computer drives cars. Unlike the movie, the robots did not turn against humans in the dream.

Let me explain this network. Every car hooks into the network. You put in your destination and the car chooses the shortest route based on all the other cars on the road. So instead of ending up in a traffic jam, the car will only allow a certain number of cars on the Highway, before sending new cars on side routes. The objective is to save time for everyone, and end traffic jams in California.

The human can also spend the time in the car just surfing the web or watching a movie. So they are less upset when the Highway is to full and they need to take a side route.

Now that the network is explained, back to the dream. I had just moved to California, and was going to the beach to get breakfast? Apparently, in the dream, there were giant clams under the sand at the beach. All you needed to do was dig them up, and you had food.

So I went with my sister to collect breakfast, and dug up many clams. However, upon opening them, they were already empty. Some had been changed into artwork, where a miniature of a city was inside the clam. My sister put the clams back into the ground, upset.

I, however, felt that these clams were even better then food, and found once filled with Gold. I convinced  her to help me sell it so we could buy sea food. (I figured it would be less likely to make us sick then food gathered from the beach, too. I had been shocked the whole time that my sister was willing to just dig up food at the beach.)

So I went to the store, and was looking over the seafood. The memory of the dream gets a little choppy from here. Somehow arcade characters end up attacking the city, and the fire department is called in.

Anyway, I covered the interesting parts of the dream.

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