K-pop, JYP Entertainment, what?

Hello Readers,

I have a realization that my K-pop posts are both my most popular among random visitors, and least popular among regular Readers. I have few Readers, as far as I can tell, but have enough visitors.

Once the Tzuyu controversy settles, I feel that I will get few views from those posts about the controversy, but I had to speak my mind anyway. My comments on Youtube in support were getting buried in the negativity, so I had to turn to the blog knowing my real readers never seem interested in K-pop posts. I’ve managed to dress up K-pop in an entertaining fashion before, but they have a twist to them.

The year might have started out rough for JYP, but I have a feeling his company is about to reach new levels of success. I have sensed that Got7 is going to be hugely popular someday, but it looks like Twice is going to reach a high level of fame first. This is going to play a pivotal role in the success of all the other groups in the company.

The world is changing, and it is changing into one where the JYP style of company, which focuses on finding good people over finding the most talented, will reach success. The honorable nature of the artists in the company is why the controversy putting the company in danger worried me so much.

I used to be a K-pop fan who didn’t care about the company. I liked the dances, songs or music videos. SM Entertainment taught me to pay attention to the company. The company nearly ruined K-pop for me. First Kris left EXO, and I watched the fans turn against him. Then they kicked Jessica out of Girls Generation for no good reason. It is what they did to Jessica that upset me the most.

So I started a search for an K-pop company I could trust. I considered YG, but somehow I sense that they have some underhanded methods in staying so popular. I picked JYP Entertainment as my trusted company. A company that emphasizes Honor, Integrity and Honesty.

Even if some would say they failed at their mission of Honor, Integrity and Honesty, in apologizing for waving a flag. To have that mission at all, shows they are a company above the rest. Even if they are thought of as one of the Big 3 Entertainment Companies in Korea, they actually are not one of the top three in profit. They apparently cannot manage to afford a good PR department. They handle controversy incorrectly 50% (or more) of the time.

I think even a good PR department couldn’t have avoided the recent controversy.

Now that I have spoken my mind again, with another K-pop post that will get few if any views, I am off. I really didn’t start out writing this post thinking it would end up this way.


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