Fixing my schedule Day 2


I attempted to go to sleep at 12:30 pm last night. At first I was feeling tried due to a cold, but then this tiredness disappeared to be replaced by a nervous energy. I wasn’t too upset about anything. Just get so deep in thought that I started moving by feet. So I got up to get water, and tired again. Sooner or later, I had to listen to 30 mins of Matt Kahn Angel Academy 2 to wind down.

My cold led to an interesting night. For a while I was wondering I would be randomly coughing too much to sleep. After I finally slept it was with a feeling that my throat was uncomfortable. I had been hoping that my cold would be gone in the morning, but still here.

Yet, last night I declared that wanted to start getting up at 8am, and today I wasn’t able to sleep later then 8am. I literally lay there 30 minutes knowing that I had only managed 5 hours.

This happens, sometimes, where naturally I wake up with the sun, and don’t want to go back to sleep. Usually my energy exits about 12pm leading me to sleep then, or if I cannot sleep just feeling tired. I plan on having caffeine after my morning medication (which cannot be taken with food or non-water drinks) has processed.

I now have hours of the day in front of me before work. I am going to figure out how much I can spend. I wanted to go do a small grocery shopping, but have enough foods at home. Last time at Thrive I got 3 pasta and pasta sauce, 6 Grape Leaves, 6 easy to make single serving Paneer Makhani (I have rice already), and random things. However, I got also tortilla chips, and refried beans which I wanted to add avocado and cheese to then bake.

I am debating if I should go spend money at the grocery when I already have much food. Chances are if I go out to get groceries, I will want to get something at a coffee shop. So I am going to look over my budget again. I never write out my budget, but do quick calculations on my calculator. How much I have, take away coming costs, divided by everyday I plan on spending money. Equals how much I can spend on those days. The thing is, I was planning on eating at home today in my pre-planned budget. I had already done my grocery shopping for the month, excluding a buying a few fresh things here and there.

So I need to calculate how much I can spend today before going out, or finalizing the decision to grocery shop. It has been decided that I shall grocery shop on another day. It will replace one of my eating out times. (I spent so much on groceries already this month that I need to use those groceries.)

I need to decide then what my one big radical change of the day will be. Thinking, thinking, thinking. I guess it could have been getting up at 8am. That is a change. Perhaps I will do another radical change of making sure I get plenty of liquid for my cold. Maybe I will pick up the groceries tomorrow.

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