Not Finishing Books

In the morning hangs in the air, the question of what to talk about. This Turtle is a picture I drew while listening to Kryon. In the end of the channeling he mentioned that he had to be careful, the Doctor is listening. I did show my Doctor a book I was reading inspired by Kryon. I might have looked up the Channeler.

I have a horrible habit of not finishing books anymore. So I cannot say I am more then half way through that book, even if it was good. I do not know why or how I turned into this person who never finishes a book. I spend plenty of time looking for new Channeled information, but even if the book includes Channeled information, I forget it exists. I could fill a bookcase with all the books I bought because I intended to read, and then forgot about. Or I only got a few chapters into the book.

I can still remember beginning a book and then reading it in every free moment till it was done. I am not talking wimpy books, but massive series sometimes. I met my match with “The Old Curiosity Shop” by Charles Dickens. It is over 700 pages, and I am not talking small pages. This was the first book I remember not finishing.

All the those book I intend to finish, but don’t. It has gotten to the point that I very well do not remember the last book I managed to finish. At least I could entertain myself, if I managed to remember all those books I have in boxes waiting, and the Internet goes down.

I am not so sure that it is a short attention span. Everyone argues for the shortened attention span. It very well might be that I just prefer short stories now that I am older. Only short stories being short channelings.

If you have read my Blog a while, you know that I have written about not Finishing books before, there have been many new readers since then, so I am repeating. As an argument against a short attention span, I am someone who can sit on long train rides without using technology to entertain myself. Just me and my mind are sometimes enough. It is like I am trained to think when in motion.


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