Joanna L. Ross: Universal Unity

mountain_range Hello All,

I have decided to create a new category for Channelers (and later Oracle Card Readers) I’ve run across that I like. Sometimes a certain channeler stands out, and I think Joanna L. Ross shows talent.

On her website Universal Unity, you can find long written Channels. Really long written Channels. She sometimes uses advanced vocabulary in these channels. This can sometimes throw me off a reading, but Joanna’s messages are powerful. I say just visit her site and at the bottom are the most recent channels, pick the one that speaks to you.

I love to listen to channels, but I cannot stand the robot voices. Youtube has many channels that turn written channeling into robot voiced videos. I wish they would read the channels out loud, but realize that this would make producing the video much harder. The lack of emotion in the robot speaking also hurts my ability to understand. Luckily, Joanna has a radio show on KCOR radio. There are podcasts of her previous shows if you are interested.

I love listening to her, even if I work during the time of the show, I listen later. There is something magical about certain channelers. I think Joanna captures the magic of the mind along with the heart. They open the imagination to possibilities, and fill the heart with love.

Joanna has a ever increasing range of beings she channels, not just one single being. She is talented enough that I wish I could get a reading from her. Her price to help with ascension is lower then her readings. Usually it is the other way around, but I think she must get greater joy with helping with ascension.

So far my goal to post less in December, is not working. To me writing posts can be just as entertaining as reading channels. Perhaps when I get a popular blog (which all signs point to it being a slow growth), I can write about a channeler, and then they would offer me a free reading as Thanks. I don’t plan on writing bad reviews. I will try to keep my policy on reviews as: If you cannot say anything nice don’t say anything at all.

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