It is still early enough in October that I can say welcome to October. This year there will be a full moon on Halloween. I’ve been saving a mooncake to eat under the moon, but it has been rainy and cloudy so I did not get to see the last full moon. I attempted to donate platelets today, but my iron was too low. Apparently if you donate blood every time that the American Red Cross says it is time to, each time you donate blood your iron is a little lower.

I have a little under two weeks to get my iron back up so that I can donate blood again. As for platelets, the procedure didn’t sound like much fun anyway. Perhaps it is the combination of Intermittent Fasting for a year, donating too much blood and not eating much meat that has my iron low.

I even ate meat yesterday to boost my iron. It was actually an accident that I ate meat yesterday. I ordered 떡볶이 (tteokbokki) and got 불고기 (bulgogi) at which point I debated if my Korean pronunciation was horrible or someone else went home with my roasted rice cakes.

When I get the wrong food I remember what Access Consciousness wrote on how to pick a food from a restaurant. (A past roommate’s/friend’s Mother recommended I read Access Consciousness material.) They say to pick the first dish your eyes land on because that is what your body is asking for.

However, beyond that they wrote, when they ignore this rule the restaurant often mixes up their order so they end up with what their body wanted. I totally ignore the ‘pick the first dish your eyes land on,’ but rarely return a dish if it is not what I ordered.

Sometimes I end up with twice the food this way. I will eat the food placed in front of me and then the waiter will realize the mistake by themselves. So they bring out the correct dish and I take it too go.

This wonderful system of ending up with extra food does not work on take-out food unless you decide to say something. I do imagine that 9 times out of 10 when a place gives you the wrong food and you mention it, they give you the correct dish and let you take the mistake.

In this case the mix up might have been because my body wanted more iron. After I opened my food in the park to find bulgogi, which I wasn’t really surprised because it didn’t smell like tteokbokki, I texted a friend a comment on the debate of about my Korean pronunciation vs everyday mix up. She texted to return the food and get what I ordered. I texted that I was taking it as a sign I needed to eat beef.

The bulgogi tasted really good. I have noticed that when you don’t eat meat for a while and you suddenly do, your body has one of two reactions. First, if it has been five years or longer since you ate meat, the meat will taste disgusting because your digestive system has lost most of the meat digesting bacteria.

So the horrible taste is your body saying, NO! If you persist in eating meat so that your gut biome grows more meat digesting bacteria. (Essentially ignoring what your body is trying to tell you, which is what I did.) Sooner or later meat will start to taste good again.

This is where you get to the second body reaction to meat. If you haven’t eaten meat in a while, but still are fully able to digest meat, said meat will taste extra good. Furthermore, if you haven’t eaten beef in a long time and are low on iron bulgogi is a good idea.

Here I have stopped to laugh at the fact that I have been writing about low iron, food and meat for over ten paragraphs. I sat down to write. I will post this writing, even if I suspect it is not really quality entertainment.

Yes, I completely forgot to mention that I was going to that restaurant for the first time because I wanted to try their tteokbokki or as they had it listed dukboki. I assure you that these two very differently spelled words both mean roasted rice cakes. I will have to go there again to decide if they have better tteokbokki than the Korean fried chicken place about equal distance walking in the opposite direction.

Anyway, thanks for reading this riveting account of the missing rice cakes. Tune in next time for the account of iron supplements arriving in mail.

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