Old Souls

First off, I must say how wonderful it is to be able to follow the old ways. Too many lifetimes has our religion been decided by fear. Yet today, if I wanted to, I could practice Witchcraft without being burned. Sadly, there are still many in this world who are forbidden to do this. Yet, from where I stand, I have a choice.

I’d say that a lot of us have lived lifetimes following every major religion. This can make things a little confusing when trying to discover one’s true religion. We still carry parts of each religion in our heart.

For a long time I was upset about the New Age tendency to pick out parts of religions and use them. I felt this was disrespectful to the religion, and culture. Yet, when I think from the view point of many lifetimes, it seems okay. I am not simply stealing from another culture, I am picking up a part of my heart. I once lived in this culture, and parts of it were so amazing that, even in another lifetime, I cannot let go.

Old Souls, remember religions that no longer exist. Wicca, while very modern, is a way of respecting these deep roots. That is why I considered it as a possible religion. I felt that my ancestors were forced into Christianity, and suffered greatly in the process. It seemed natural to return to a religion similar to my ancestors. Yet, it wasn’t just my ancestors who suffered. I was among them. I was just living another incarnation.

Today’s Wiccan religion does not match up completely with any old religion. It is more like a remembering of the past, and it has parts of it that are very new. I do not really know that much about it. I have much to learn about many things.

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