Headed Home?


The Boiler in my Apartment has been wavering between working and repair. So even if I was back in Ann Arbor yesterday, I was forced to sleep in a Hotel for warmth. The Apartment Complex agreed to cover the cost of a Hotel.

New Years Day, I packed enough clothes for a night stay at my parent’s house an hour and a half ways away when driving. I ended up staying until yesterday, but my sister/roommate had to work this week so she needed to spend three nights in a Hotel. I believe she picked more expensive Hotels than she would have if she were not going to be reimbursed.

According to emails, a new Boiler has been installed in the building and despite a few air pockets in the piping, the heat should be fixed.

I did bring my computer to my parent’s house, but all comfortable chairs for writing posts in were claimed once the day settled enough to give time to post. I will report that one of my year old posts, that I had forgotten completely about, was reblogged on a popular blog.

You know what? I have changed in a Year.

It is a totally different place that I am starting this New Year from and how I started the last. I have given up on waiting for a Disclosure or an  RV. If these things happen, great, but I am not going to count the seconds until they arrive.

Strangely enough, as I sit here, not focusing on that particular future, it might be closer than ever.

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