Cool Imaginings


I used to daydream on car rides. Now people insist on talking to me, taking away a perfect chance to relax. (I am always the rider, never the driver. Here to the day cars can drive themselves. As I have no fear riding in cars, just fear driving them.) Imagine how popular RV’s would be, if they drove themselves so well, no one needed to be in the drivers seat. You could take a shower in your RV, as it traveled down the road. You could be cooking a meal… watching a Movie.

A lot of Channelers talk about alien technology that allows for things like cars running on water alone. I would like to talk to the Aliens about things that are not necessary,  but would certainly be cool to Invent.

So lets upgrade RV to an UFO RV. (Only it wouldn’t be Unidentified.) Now we can have a much bigger home that moves. It wouldn’t be limited to the size of the road. It could cloak itself so as to not turn the sky’s into a parking lot/highway to those looking up. Then you could get off your UFO RV, and it would fly around you (or park) nearby as you traveled. The speed limit on Earth I think would be lower then space, but you could still get somewhere fast. Combine this with the technology spoken of where the Inside is bigger then the Outside, and we very well could find a huge population of the Earth with RV UFO homes.

Imagine being able to take a car sized UFO (flying saucer) to the beach. It drops you off so you can step in the sand, and flies around so others have space to drop off on the beach. You arrive just before sunset, and you haven’t had breakfast. After sunset you call your flying saucer to pick you up. As it hovers over the ground, it uncloaks so it is easy to get in. You go inside and use your Food Printer to eat breakfast. The flying saucer has an advanced dish washer, where all you need to do is place you dishes on the right table, and they will appear back in the cabinet. While you eat you go to the viewing part of the ship. Here is like a big window (not made of glass) where you can enjoy the saucer flying along the beach slowly. You don’t see all the other ships doing the same as they are cloaked, but the self flying saucer can see them.

Here you are able to do some work designing new products in a 3-D modeling program. You literally have the image projected in 3-D in front of you. You can reach your hand into the 3-D projection and by intention either mold or move the object. The material of the object can be any safe material to work with. So you could design golden chairs with diamonds. The seat part could be silk with cotton inside to make it comfortable. The product never has to be designed as one normally would today. It is printed like the food in something called a replicator. You look it over and seat in it. Then you decide on some redesigns, so you put it back in the replicator to disappear.

Then you send out a request for a beach party at Noon. Inviting friends from around the world. “I found the perfect beach, and it isn’t even crowded (yet). Come for a picnic. Bring a dish, and drink.”

So you go online and look up the perfect beach foods, you download the file for the food, and print it in your food printer. You also download the file for a picnic basket and replicate it. You replicate a Frisbee, or two.

Before the party is done, you quickly return to the ship and change clothes. Some days you attend your 3-D Modeling class in person, but, today isn’t a workshop day. It isn’t going to be hands on training like every Monday, but technological advice like Friday. You see, so many people are in the class that the hands on days are divided as the Instructor can only handle so many students in hands on training. Yet, all the students watch the Friday lecture and are able to ask questions.

After the class you return to your party. It is time to start getting Dinner ready, and as the initiator of the party you have a responsibility. As rain clouds have now appeared you feel it best to invite everyone to your RV UFO, and too look for another beach that isn’t busy or cloudy.

Now some of your friends have traditional homes, but they still need transportation so they have UFO cars. Automatically all the RV UFO’s and Car UFO’s will follow yours now that their owner is in your home. You decide it best to contrast the Summer day by flying over a glacier and eating winter foods. As the night goes on your party goers slowly return to their ships. You have a Docking area where two ships can connect. One side of the RV is usually for getting on and off, and the other is for docking. So your friends return home, and bid you good-night.

They too had taken time during the party to do attend classes or design. (Designing is the main occupation.) Some are cooks and design files that print into foods. Some are engineers/scientists who try and improve technology. Some still design websites, and advertisements. Some are writers. As production is now so easy. The Designing of things to produce takes over all the jobs that were once of harvesting or building aspect.

Nature has returned now that there is no need for Parking lots or roads, crop fields, or mining. Your Flying Saucer RV runs on Solar Power and Water. Half the population lives in the air, yet the sky always appears clear.

There are also the Planning jobs. The organizers. Who make sure that there are Festivals. Those who maintain certain Grounds for Festivals. There are still Gardeners, and Zoos. Yet, it is so easy to travel to the more famous Festivals or Zoos that reservations are needed to make sure you can attend. Even though Food can be Printed, there are Historical Reenactments of Orchards and Farms. There are still the Amish, and now other groups that have decided to keep old agriculture alive.

Yet there are no Factory Farms of any sort. The farming that is allowed to continue for Historical purposes, has laws about how to respect the Land and Animals.

Sounds impossible? It is only impossible if it cannot be imaged.

Sometimes I believe in as many as six impossible things before breakfast. – Alice Kingsley: The Mad Hatter (movie)

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