I’ve been sitting, waiting, wishing… (this title is from a popular song, I didn’t make it up)


I insist that today is a good day. This grey weather is in a way gentle weather. The day is warm, the rain is light. The trees show some wind is blowing, but being a warm day I doubt it is a cold wind. I am tired from staying up late, even after I went to bed, sleep did not quickly follow.

I am thinking on this Ascension topic. Long ago Matt Kahn gave a date of Sept 28 as being the date that 1/3 of the planet had ascended. I looked forward to Sept 28th, and enjoyed the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse. Others have talked up this Ascension quite a bit, that humans will have super powers, or that the world would transform. The trick about this is that it cannot happen too quickly. We are living organisms. Not all of us could handle a quick transformation. If the world transformed to quickly panic would set in. Even if there is to be a reveling of all the ways humanity has been tricked by the Illuminati… or whatever group, it has to be handled perfectly.

I would prefer to wait for things to happen just right, then to have society panic. I would prefer to transform at a snail pace, to having others (or even me) unable to handle the transformation. The secret with Channeled messages, is some of them have been talking about this transformation for over 10 years. Some 4 or 5 (I like to go back to the first Channeling and read it.) It can be discouraging how long some have waited. I wonder will it be another 10 years before anything happens. Will it be longer.

I think, for the sake of stability everyday will be a little better then the last. Just a little easier. A little happier. For Love of my Neighbor, I am willing to wait. My current needs are meet. Whatever life throws at me, I will handle not knowing how much I am protected. I sense that there are some who would like to attack me for my unconventional views. Perhaps I explain things considered irrational too rationally.

If I just wrote about a conspiracy theory without explaining my rationality behind it, I would be easy to dismiss. I hope, I have made you think about reality, who shapes yours, and is it benefiting you.

You do not have to adopt my reality. Yours will be personal to you. I have been able to shake off my old reality due to some dramatic events. I realize it is not easy to do. I do not want you to have to face dramatic events in order to feel free to shape your own world view. Take the wisdom I have learned, through having had reality so shifted through Mental Illness, and get painting.

Paint the picture of reality that only you can paint. If you don’t like your old picture, paint over it while keeping the elements you liked. Layer upon layer. I am not done painting my reality either. I am just sharing my study notes. The most beautiful pigments are made from Love, Hope and Joy. It is up to you if you want to paint a picture you do not like. As long as you do not hurt those around you, you are free to paint any picture. You might not be happy, if you let others paint your reality for you.

Just I ask you, to feel free to paint, instead of cutting out pictures for a collage.

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