Winter: Cold


Hello Readers and World,

My garden tear apart is almost complete. I did manage to get some Marigolds home for vases, but do not know how long they will last. It all depends on how my roommate’s reaction to the smell of Marigolds in the air.

She is most sensitive to all smells, even smells I do not smell. As we have a cat, and therefore a kitty litter, even in cold weather she opens the windows to air things out.

Thankfully, the heater works too well, and we only pay for the cost of the energy to blow in the warm air. The heater is hard to turn off, because even off the air will come in. So there have been winter days where the windows needed to be open to cool off. I like this set up. Normally the utility bill would be much higher in winter. We might have to feel cold to save money. I grew up in a house that did just that. Returning home for Christmas my sister always sneakily turns the heater up. I really wish I could transfer the heating system from my apartment to my parents.

My Mother is in a wheelchair so spends most of the winter at home, and under blankets. My Father keeps the house cold, even through my Mother is more then welling to pay for a little more heat. She will turn the furnace up, and after she is settled in bed my Father will turn it back down. She cannot easily get up to adjust the heat again.

I am unsure why my Father insists on a cold house. When I was a Child, we had to reduce the heat. Now they can afford a little more warmth. Now they are older and more effected by the cold.

Hopefully, the forecasts for a warm winter are true. Then I will not have to worry about my Mother quite so much.

The Winters have all been so cold lately, with frost bite warnings and all. So much so that I wonder if it will really be a warm winter. Already a winter chill is in the air in early Autumn. I might have a head cold from going outside with wet hair. Hopefully, it will be short lived.

I love Autumn, and all the wonderful foods of the season. Yet, Autumn is always a little bittersweet, in that Winter follows after. Michigan has four seasons, of which I enjoy three. I enjoy Spring for the escape from Winter. I enjoy Summer for the time spent outside. Autumn has apples and pumpkins, and the beginning of the holidays. Halloween was always listed as one of my favorites. It seems like a holiday to celebrate the metaphysical. Thanksgiving has good food, even if I do not eat the meat, it is a good excuse to have some pie. Some years I will make lots of Sweet Potato Casserole. It is so fun when Sweet Potatoes naturally taste good, and are healthy. So even though the extra sugar isn’t healthy, the base of the casserole is.

Winter has it beauty too. Yet, it seems to pile stress on top of cold. I’d be much less stressed in collecting presents, if I wasn’t freezing out. I am unsure what I will offer this Christmas as gifts. Last year my cheap solution of candles in Christmas mugs, didn’t end up cheap after supplies. I would still do it again, except I don’t think I should give the same gift two years in a row.

Its not like I hate Winter. It just has a habit of locking me indoors because of my lack of car. Whereas in the Summer, I’d take the bus to just get something small at a cafe, in Winter I stay home instead. Some years I get a habit of being very mobile in Summer walking miles when I could of just taken the bus. I don’t go for long walks in Winter.

So Winter = Cold… Cold = Indoors… Indoors = Small Space

Nothing too profound about this post.

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