Saturday posting

Here I am. I am at the drawing board again. The blank page slowly gets filled with letter after letter. They seem to go together and amazingly make sense.

I was just looking out the window at a yellow tree.  The leaves seemed to have lacked that full display of color this year. Lots of yellow, a little orange, but hardly any red. Already many of the leaves have fallen, yet we have green leave still. Perhaps we will have a late blooming of color.

I love Autumn. I am unsure of my favorite season, but Autumn is up there. Work is slow. Hence my ability to post. Every Saturday is slower at work, but today is a game day. A big game day. Most of the students will not be focused on working on such a day.

If you go to a coffee shop in town on a Friday night, it is only the most serious students there. It is a good time to have wonderful seating in a normally packed coffee shop. My cousin from California says that the state lacks the massive size of coffee shop that can be found in Ann Arbor. As it is a college town, and students like to work at coffee shops, the cafe has to be big because students will buy admission to work all day. The admission is the cost of the coffee/tea, and it equals a quiet place to get work done with the smell of coffee in the air. The result is that when the students are not around (say in summer or game days) you have a lot of space to almost yourself.

As I have stated before, Ann Arbor is different in the Summer. A lot of the city is designed to handle the higher population during the main semesters. When the students go home for the Summer, they leave furniture by the side of the road, and disappear. It is a good time to pick up some missing pieces.

Either way, the students will be around for a while before the exit… I was tempted to say the great exodus. Today is a game day, and the whole time I have been writing this, not a single person has asked for help. I just looked up at to passing patrons, wondering if just writing those words would draw someone asking for help.

During such times I used to have a long list of Blogs I would visit. I would read Blog after Blog, but I am not longer interested by the same subjects. Also I doubt I should be reading channeled messages at work. They might think that a little weird when they check the history. So as I cannot do the kind of web surfing I like to do here, when thing get slow, I write.

No one has ever told me not to. I have even asked if it was okay to do so, and as long as I am alert, it is fine. I have gotten very good at writing while alert. Writing expecting to be interrupted. I once even tried channeling at work, I just warned the Angel that we were going to be interrupted several times.

I now have the Saturday shift, which is slower then other days, so I end up having to write to pass the time. I, frankly, would be fine working here more, if they didn’t limit my hours because I was no longer a student. Only the extra hours would be in busier times, so its not like I could write all the time.

A lot of people are jealous of my job, but they do not consider my limited hours. If I were Full time staff, I would not be able to post at work, and I most certainly wouldn’t write about it. I think I would have to be nighttime staff to be able to write at all during work. As during the night staff is doing work that is normally for students/part-time (Desk hours), and things are slow at night.

Still, no one has asked for help. Big game day. I am going to end this post. I don’t see why I always have to explain why I post Saturday so often.


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