Past Life Oracle Cards: I asked for an entertaining spread

Oracle Reading 2

Past: Transportation

Present: Authority Figures

Future: Galactic

Card that Slid out: Vows

While shuffling these cards I asked for the most entertaining Past Life journey with this spread.  All too often we forget to play. I am not sure that this is as entertaining as I had hoped, but here it is.

Past card: Transportation:

I have a fear of driving that is not related to this lifetime. I have never been in a car accident, but my phobia of driving is so great I don’t own a car. This limits the cities I can move to, but at least leads me to walk a lot. I am fine riding in cars, but I do not trust myself behind the wheel. It is not my life I fear for, but all the other people on the road. I do not remember the Past Life car accident, but feel someone else was in the car with me. I feel the other person lost their life too. I do not remember any Past Life regressions ending with a car accident, so it must not be the most important phobia to heal at this moment. If it were the most important, I would have pulled this card when I asked for the Past Life I most need to remember.

So far, I am not finding this very entertaining angel.

Doreen Virtue is very confident in these cards stating in the booklet: “This card will trigger memories of prior lifetimes, and those memories will continue to surface until your unconscious mind has done its deep healing work. If these memories “flood” too intensely for you, ask your guardian angel to slow them down.” Am I using the card right? Maybe I am just not very  psychic. No matter how long I look at the card, which I enjoy the picture greatly, I cannot remember any more details than listed above… other then I might have been drunk at the time. Seems Alcoholism followed me through many lifetimes… or maybe this was the end to the Lifetime as a Bipolar Alcoholic. I just figured I drank until my Liver was destroyed.

I was an artist in the Alcoholic lifetime. I know this because when I watched the Jackson Pollack movie, ‘Pollack.’ I wondered if this had been me in a Past Life. This wondering didn’t occur until I saw him get in a car accident drunk driving. He died, and so did the person with him. I felt so bad for the person with him. So while I wasn’t necessary Jackson Pollack, I had a similar life. I faced the same challenges, and same death.

Present card: Authority Figures:

When you use Past Life oracle cards, and that card is in the present placement, there is a grey area. Do I read it as a Past Life issue, or does it stem from this life?

If you read about the card in the oracle booklet a number of things are mentioned, but what stood out to me is ‘Learned Helplessness.’ My disability has lead me to have this issue. All those years of hoping that the right medication would ‘fix me.’ I was helpless to the authority of the Doctor. They had the magic power to either discover the secret to me being happy, or fail to do so. I just waited day after day, to adjust to the new medication. Or adjust to potency changes. Or overcome withdrawal from the old medication.

Now even while I am much better. I have learned being helpless. I do not pursue a better life. I dream of writing a book, but I hardly ever do it. I consider putting in an application for a new job, but I hardly ever do it. So while I have overcome the mood aspect of my illness, I have not overcome the behavioral aspects of having felt helpless for so long.

I am sure that there have been Past Lives with evil Authority Figures that lead to the same result, but what I am getting from this card is the ‘Present’ aspect of it.

Future card: Galatic: This seems to be the most entertaining card in this spread.

While I have not always incarnated on the Earth. I have had many lifetimes here. I can remember as far back as Hunter Gather days. I once wrote about this: Different Cultures Comfort the Soul: Plus Talk About Hunter Gather Lifetime Memories. It was written only last year. It seems like lifetimes have passed since then.

Even though I have had countless Earth lifetimes, long ago my soul came here from somewhere else. I also get the feeling that this is my last lifetime on Earth. What I was here to accomplish has been done. Now its just the fun of healing, and watching the world I thought I knew transform.

The future of the Earth has Galactic implications too. Perhaps I will still be on the same planet in the next lifetime, but it will be so radically different it deserves a new name.

Vows card: I have renounced the Vows taken in Past Lifetimes so many times, and it keeps on coming up. Perhaps it is because the concept of Past Lifetimes is a simplification. I have run across the concept that all Lifetimes happen concurrently.

So the reason I have unexplained Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver is because another version of me is going out and getting drunk. The Alcoholic Artist I was talking about. Historically it was in the past, but everything occurs in the NOW. My Soul is living all its Past Lifetimes NOW. Time is just an illusion.

Being further along in history is like being higher up a mountain. You can look down and see how past lifetimes will end, but the person further down has more trouble seeing through the clouds to you. Just as you have trouble seeing your ‘Higher Self’ who has already learned the lessons you will climb through in the future.

So you healing your Past Lives, to the person in that Past Life, is like its Higher Self offering guidance. Who knows, maybe that person is able to enter another Universe where things don’t end the same way. From my viewpoint I might always remember the first time I looked down the mountain, and not see things are radically different if I look back deep enough. My Soul, in that lifetime, might now be on a different journey than the one that was written in history. In my Present Life I will always see the lifetime of an Alcoholic who got into a drunk driving car accident and died. Yet, the reality of the person living that Past Life NOW, might be vastly different after you heal your Past Life issues.

I am trying to explain why I keep on having to undo Past Life Vows. Different versions of me in history keep on taking Vows. So new ones pop up for me to undo. Does this make any sense? Understand how exhausting a day really is, now that you might see you are living thousands or more days in that single day?

Alright. I have conquered another Spread. I think I will keep my Blog posts to three cards (and any that jump out as I shuffle). Yet, I personally look at more complex layouts like:

Oracle Cards

This is Kyle Gray’s, ‘Angel Prayers Oracle Cards.’ This is a layout in his booklet, but I have adapted it. This is three possible life routes.

I set up the Top as: Traditional Employment (Office Job)

Past: Signs from Heaven

Present: Peaceful Warrior

Future: Move Your Body

Middle is: Middle ground between Traditional Employment and Unconventional (Office Job doing Artwork)

Past: Unconditional Love

Present: Manifesting Miracles

Future: Speak Your Truth

The Bottom is: Unconventional Employment (Artwork)

Past: Miracle of Forgiveness

Present: Time to Breath

Future: Express Your Creativity

Kyle has a diagonal in his layout which I kept the same.

Strength: Signs from Heaven

Heart: Manifesting Miracles

Challenge: Express Your Creativity

I am staying away from such complex of spreads for post posts because I write about 1000 words for a simple three card spread. With the complexity it would be beyond 4000 words to explain such a spread.

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