Cool Imaginings

Cool Imaginings

cool_imageWelcome Readers and World,
I have very few repeat themes on this Blog, the only post I repeat the image for so far is the “Last Night’s Dream” kind of post. This mainly happens when I remember a dream. Usually if I remember the dream a long enough time to write it down, it is an interesting one to me.

I am starting up the “Cool Imaginings” theme of post. This is where I think of an idea not bound by limitations that I think could improve the world.

This first idea, was inspired by Corey Goode on the show Cosmic Discloser, and 3-D Printing. Corey talks about the advanced technology in space, and that this will be inherited by humans after the Discloser. One such invention was a printer that could print food, or a replicator. I was personally wondering about being able to replicate a house.

I was also playing Minecraft, building houses block by block. I was wondering about a technology where you could build your own house detail by detail before printing it out with working plumbing and all. So in a sense a massive replicator/printer mixed with a house building game. The program would have certain checks to make sure the house would not fall apart once built, and that all the elements worked (plumbing, electricity, heating, cooling etc).

In the program Cosmic Discloser, David Wilcock once asked, if humanity would fall apart after we have the advanced space technology where you could replicate what you need, so you do not need money. I think to design a successful society in such a future, you need to make things like house building fun. Pointless Facebook games, show a lot about what humans would do with free time. Those games are often like work. If you make work fun, people will work.

Everyone will have different motivators. There will still be those fascinated by numbers, and science. Artists will still do artwork, because some people just Love certain kinds of work. Those who Love animals will continue to work at the Humane Society or Zoo.

I just remembered another cool idea I had connected to this technology Corey Goode spoke of. The food replicators seemed kind of limited. They need to be hooked up to the Internet so people can search for all kinds of foods. It would be like looking up a recipe from an Internet recipe site. Only you don’t have to go out and buy the food or cook. You simply download the recipe from the site (there would be different ratings on the site to show what others have liked) and print the food. There has to be an easy way for people to put a file for a meal onto the Internet. Plus, the food replicator would have to have a firewall to keep out hackers.

These Internet sites could exist in all different countries, but be translated for any global user to download. So if an American wants to try authentic Sushi, they can visit a site from Japan. Furthermore, there needs to be an ability to adjust the spiciness level of downloaded recipes.

This way food Bloggers don’t just talk about the food they cook with recipes, you can have the exact same food.

This is Lisa signing off from this “Cool Imaginings” post, because if you cannot imagine it, how can it exist.

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