From Innocent Belief to Questioning


I still have this tendency towards Innocent Belief. I do not know the full truth, or even a fraction of it. I have to take people like David Wilcock, and Corey Goode at their word.

There are some inconsistencies, Corey Goode, such as why would E.T.s trade for gold, if a replicator can just replicate it. If you have a 3-D Food Printer, why do you grow foods? If you still have to grow some food, why wouldn’t a system of trade continue to exist after the Disclosure? Hence, the continuation of an economy. If replicators can replicate money, making Gold Pointless, why are humans struggling to create a new currency system beyond the American Dollar for International Trading? Why is there so much fear hidden in your Disclosure.

David Wilcock backs up his claims with science, and new articles. Corey Goode goes upon faith. Which means you listen to your Intuition. Yet, his insistence on detailed telling of the wrongs of the system seems suspicious. He does not appear to be lying, unless he is a very talented liar. Yet, in outweighing the good, with horrible details. I cannot accept him simply because his message is heartwarming. So I must find another way to look at knowledge given. That comes down to Gut Feeling and Logic.

The stories told by Corey Goode seem similar to the stories told in history and today’s politics. I cannot reject him simply because some of this message could have a tendency to elicit fear.

There is something else I question about Corey Goode’s story. Is this Disclosure simply the result of a power struggle. An unveiling of the wrong deeds of the cabel, so that a new world order can take their place in every way. The world reflects our inside, as long as we struggle between our elements of light and dark, it will be changing one Demon for another.

There are indeed bad people out there, who do horrible things. Yet, do not forget to start with man in the mirror. Darkness will not leave, until the darkness transforms into light. The issue is bigger then any Disclosure, and if you want this to be the final Disclosure, we must change humanity.

So while it fascinates me to know the secrets of the Universe, it is the secrets of myself that are my True Salvation. They say that a true Master is happy whether in a fine house or dark prison. The World has been shaping itself into quite a dark prison, in a way. What imprisons us has shifted throughout time, but if we are all one. We imprison ourselves. Why? To have something to break free of. There are those in this world who have broken free without any disclosure. There are likely those who will find a new prison even if the debt slavery is taken away.

I am afraid that, if done incorrectly, throwing light on the cabel, will be like throwing the light on our own personal darkness. Society will react to what they see, and will see parts of themselves that have been hidden. Rage will build up, and people might demand retribution.

Yet, is this the way to start an Era of Peace? Perhaps this is why secrets are being dropped one Rain Drop at a time. So that rage does not overflow. We don’t want the Disclosure happening like the French Revolution. The point is to remove the cabel from enslaving us, not to replay history.

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