Who won

  I am at a coffeehouse next to a steakhouse. About an hour ago I heard the restaurant erupt in cheering. I thought the game was won, but I just heard we lost.

Instead of celebrating by drinking the fans are drinking to forget.

Either way I am stuck downtown waiting for the crowds to clear.

Btw, I cannot drink alcohol so going to a bar at such a time is off limits. I will stick to the coffeehouse. Partying quietly because I really don’t care who wins.

The only difference to me is in writing this post, I cannot say Michigan won. I feel bad for all the disappointed in town.

Someday they should invent a game where it is a joy for cities to get together. The teams would come together to help each other get a higher score. Instead of rivalry we could have celebration in all cities. 

We could reminisce how when Michigan State came to play that one year the score was so high. Michigan and Michigan State fans cheered to see a new high score.

Perhaps this is the future of sports that you never thought of. In the finals the four best scores would work toward the ultimate. The game wouldn’t be for two, but more in that case. 

A successful season is when all the teams get their scores added, and it is over a certain amount. Then everyone gets a ring. Not just those in the finals.

The point of the sport would be to celebrate, and build relationships between locations.

Every now and then there would be a global tournament. For the whole world’s best athletes to work together. Models for everyone! The higher the total the cooler the color.


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