Once again in a dry spell of Inspiration

we_three_starsAs usual I am inconsistent in my posting. It has been days since my last post, and I still have not had Inspiration strike. When this happens, it becomes time to start writing with no idea what the topic will be.

It is the nature of life that Inspiration comes in waves, just as emotions run high and low. Not necessarily my illness that causes this. Everyone exists within the waves.

The kind of post created without Inspiration is of a different sort then when things are flowing. Yet, this does not make it a bad post. The nature of writing is to capture a thought. So that others can read the thought and, hopefully, feel the same. If one write only when the Inspiration flows, it creates in incomplete picture of thought. You portray yourself in a picture that only includes a portion of who you are.

So no, I am not someone who always finds it easy to post. I find it easy to think, but that has not always been the case. By connecting my writing to my thought process, it is much easier to write. I am just one of those people who is always thinking about something. Most of it is un-noted. Writing freezes the process of thought, so that I can review it. Yes, I re-read my posts, especially if I think it is a good post. If I receive a like on a post I wrote a long time ago, I re-read it. On my site I highlighted some of the posts that I have re-read often in the Slider at the top of the page.

Just a passing warning, I have gone back to the square format for images, because I want to make some of my pictures into magnets to hand out at Christmas. I am looking for a good sale on magnets on Shutterfly, so I know I am investing in good quality magnets. Hopefully one will show up soon. Right now they have 40% off of everything, but they sometimes go up to to 60% off a special kind item. (This week it is mugs that are 60% off.)

Imaged picked for magnet gifts (so far) are:

butterfly_imagemyfaceface_someone sun_moon


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