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A summary of my journey

Dream: The Hierophant

In this dream, I was once again in a Catholic School like the one I grew up in only this was a stricter Catholic School. Fellow Blogger Persephone Rose and myself were taken to see a Popelike figure. Apparently, word had gotten around that we were using Tarot Cards. This Hierophant […]

Appreciating What I Have…

This is just the beginning of my collection of Oracle cards and Tarot Cards. While I have given away many of my crystals, I have only given away 3 decks of my Oracle cards. A Doreen Virtue Faerie themed deck, the Angel Prayers deck by Kyle Gray and a Tarot […]

Another cold :(

I have to say that the weather is wonderful today, yet perhaps slightly too chill to walk when you already have a cold. Tomorrow will be even warmer and I hope I will have recovered enough to enjoy it after work. Michigan weather is by nature unpredictable. Quick […]

Wanting to Write

Here I am behind my computer with the vague idea that I want to write something. However, the feeling of what to write remains in the area outside of words. I completed a many months process of Light Body activation in the Angel Academy 7 last night. Now […]