Lyme Disease Prevention and Resources

Laura has some words of advice for preventing and treating Lyme Disease.

I highly respect Laura for how passionately she lives the life she blogs about. Not everyone will attempt to grow most of their food and eat as healthily as Laura. Some of us are on Apprentice Life Paths, but I am certain Laura is one of those in the Master Life Path program.

Laura Bruno's Blog

In response to some reader comments and emails, I wanted to post a couple links today regarding prevention and resources for Lyme Disease.

First comment from PeaceNowFlower: “Hello Laura, I heard the early Spring was causing an epidemic of Ticks in many areas. If you have a post you can republish to give your readers knowledge about how to prevent or treat early Lyme, it might be a year to post it early like the early warmth.”  Here’s a link to a May 2014 post that still holds true today:

Protecting Yourself from Lyme Disease includes my own tips, as well as a tick protocol by homeopathic MD, Dr. Ronald Whitmont.

Also, from blog reader, Linda: “just read this article by a Toronto [psychotherapist] who wrote a book on Lyme disease (Lyme Madness) in the hopes of waking up mental health professionals to the reality of Lyme.  Her…

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  1. I was told as a kid to wear a hat if I was going to be outside under trees (like at the park) to help keep ticks out of my hair. After all it tends to take longer to notice them there.

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