Spring Dreaming – Worries of Lyme


The sunlight and warmth for the season, usual as it is, has my system tricked into it being Spring already. The trees, however, are yet to bud. The first signs of buds on the bushes and trees is often my first indicator that winter will be over soon.

The trees must be mildly confused by the warmth. The main drawback I see to the early spring like weather is that it did not get cold enough for long enough for the ticks to die off. Already on my Facebook people are posting about the warm weather leading to an epidemic.

I, however, am beginning to think that as impossible of a bacteria as that of Lyme Disease for the conventional medicine to eliminate, that we will figure this disease out along with many others so that those who are suffering from it now, to the point they cannot eat wheat anymore, will recover.

A breakthrough is just around the corner. It will align with the transformation of the age. Honestly, I wish that the illness was already understood and conquered. I miss long walks through the woods.

I realize that Lyme Disease, like any Disease, is not something you get by accident. It feels like an accident,  but in actuality the Soul Planned it often before birth.

I see this epidemic as also planned. A lot of people are going to use Lyme as a catalyst for transformation. As the entry way into the Dark Night of the Soul from which the Butterfly emerges.

I largely think that I will not have to enter into another Dark Night soon. As I had such an extensive and long one in order for me to ‘wake up.’ The logical side of me is still afraid to walk in the wood as freely as I did before my sister got Lyme.

I am also afraid that other people in my family could end up with the illness. Yet, I have to accept that if their Soul made the choice to use that catalyst.

This will be a shorter post. Perhaps I will return later with another. I have a collaboration planned with a friend blogger in the future.

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