My Joys – my written Joy Altar


I am Joyful that I get to live life again. I have enough abundance to survive and enough energy to face the day. I am Joyful that I am not alone. I am Joyful I have a supportive family who has stuck by me throughout the years instead of throwing me out to fend for myself when I was sick. I am grateful that I have no major addictions and no debt. I have a wonderful working computer and an iPod Touch. I have warm boots and a warm coat in winter and nice clothes for all seasons. I have an apartment that has Internet, Heat, and all the fixings.

I have enough talent to convey a portion of the Art in my Heart and enough learning in order to think critically and express myself freely. I have enough confidence so as to convey not only the positive feelings I have but to bare to the world in writing some of my deepest fears.

I am Joyful for the tenacity for hope that I have maintained throughout the years. When I was sick, and every day seemed the same level of blah, I insisted to myself that I was just a little bit better today than I was the day before. I am grateful that my positivity withstood a time when logic would have told me all was lost.

I am Joyful that I am very healthy. I rarely get sick and when I get a headache I know the reason why. I am grateful I have healthy teeth and skin. I am grateful that I hardly ever get pimples even if I do not even wash my face daily. I am Joyful that I have many forms of abundance and am skilled at Shamanic Journeying.

I am Joyful that I do not get caught up in many of the forms of vanity that dominate our society. That I can be just as confident in a Thrift Store Interview Outfit as a costly brand name one.

I am Joyful for my ability to enjoy a wide variety of foods. That few are the foods that I dislike. I am Joyful for my collection of good tea and my knowledge on how to brew a good cup. I am Joyful for my Iced Tea Pitchers and my cooking supplies. I am Joyful that I have a Slow Cooker and Juicer even if I hardly ever use them. I am Joyful that my apartment has a good kitchen and a good amount of space. I am Joyful that it is decorated for the Holidays.

I am Joyful for when it is good weather and I can walk long distances listening to audiobooks. I am Joyful for the Bus system and the ever increasing ways to get by without a car. I am Joyful for all the groceries have in my cabinets and a full fridge. I am grateful that the Internet can provide hours of learning and entertainment. I am grateful that I have a Blog and I can look through all the posts like I am traveling backward in time.

I am Joyful that in my time of monetary abundance invested in Digital Art programs so I only need to open my computer to create Digital Art. I am Joyful that I have gotten to produce a few event posters for my place of employment. I am Joyful that I sometimes have enough surplus so as to Donate to others who need help.

I am Joyful that my Christmas tree this year is small so it does not take up too much room. I am Joyful that I was able to spend the Holidays with my family and I have a party I can attend on New Year’s Eve.

I am Joyful that I am learning how to cook more and more foods. That Rice Pudding is so easy to make and I have not had to make spaghetti for months. I am Joyful for when I can afford Organic foods. I am Joyful that I am not gaining weight. I am Joyful that I can play Mobile Games. I am Joyful that I can see what friends have posted on Instagram. I am Joyful that I can communicate with so distant family through Facebook. I am Joyful that they have decided to overlook my strange Spirituality instead of trying to save me.

I am Joyful that I have the opportunity to be Interviewed at a good workplace. I am Joyful that my list of Friends has been growing. I am Joyful for the new start that will come in 2017. I am Joyful that now that I am stronger I can learn how to live life for myself instead of basing my reason for living on the ability to help others.

I am Joyful that I am becoming the True Master of my Life. That I get to Paint my own Reality and have had so many wonderful teachers. I am Joyful for Matt Kahn, Bentinho, Teal Swan, Kryon, Bashar, Brenda Hoffman, Channeling the Masters, and so much more.

I am grateful that I become more balanced and stable every day. That I grow in my sureness of myself. That I have Disability Income and Medicare until I have a job that covers my Income and Health Care. I am Joyful that the Universe has supported me and will continue to support me no matter what comes in my future. I am Joyful that I have myself and I am growing stronger every day.

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