A time for prayer…


I have not created art in a while. So I attempted to post with no image, but saw that those were overlooked. So I am going back to posting old images.

Here you can see two of the statues I collected for an alter. I think they are in alignment with my Catholic School upbringing, while still being respectful of the Feminine Divine. I also have a Lady of Guadalupe Candle which I have lit a number of times lately. I usually get inspired to light it only a sort while before going to bed so it does not burn long. I, however, envision the smoke from the candle being blown out as holding the words.

A lot of things are going around right now that have actually been happening before. Yet, now things like Standing Rock have our attention. No longer do we turn the blind eye to what we don’t want to see. We are aware now.

In that awareness things appear to have gotten worse, when it is really like opening a locked room that has been closed for centuries and you are surprised to see that Spiderwebs, Mice dropping, and Dust cover everything.

The consequence of becoming more aware is you are more aware of the bad as well as the good. Things are actually getting better. As strange of a statement as that might seem to you right now.

Sometimes it is not apparent how things are getting better. For some the wrong President is going to take office. The news is highlighting every cabinet pick and people are getting worried that ‘100 years progress will be lost.’ However, we have to realize that if Trump is President, that even if we don’t understand how, this is the best path to take. If only if it shows us all the areas of government that need changing.

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  1. So I had an idea for an altar solution I thought I might share with you (since we talked about altars before). Have you considered using a decorative storage box (like offered at Michael’s and sometimes at Dollar General) as an altar you can keep under your bed when not in use? You could also use one of those roll out Rubbermaid containers made for such. You can store your supplies in there (including an altar cloth would help a Rubbermaid box transform visually into an altar) and set it up quickly when you feel like it. You could potentially even set it up on your balcony when convenient.

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