If you give up, try again!


Guess, I will have to start taking pictures or creating digital art again. I turned back on the easy way that WordPress uses to let your site make money. I had thought that I had earned nothing in two months, so I gave up thinking it was better to have no ads than to have them up for nothing. Well, I guess it takes a few months for the earnings to start showing up. In those two months, I had earned $4 which is better than nothing.

I am thinking about giving this ‘following your excitement’ another try. I also started my Youtube Channel. I do not have the Official name Peacenowflower yet because you need 100 Subscribers before you can get a special name on Youtube… or at least I do not have that figured out yet so I am appearing as Elisabeth M.

I solved the slow upload speed problem by going to an outside location to upload a video. However, if I get successful enough, I will get faster internet at my apartment. As they are adding a new wire through ATT that will be super fast in the future. However much I want fast internet, I cannot justify spending $90 a month as this system will cost. Yet, if my youtube channel ever starts making an abundance, perhaps someday either that this new form of Internet will be cheaper or I will be able to afford it.

I have decided to start writing/vlogging as if I am already a Professional. To write posts as if thousands upon thousands will see them. To write/vlog frequently enough as to keep a huge audience from getting too impatient.

I also am warning you now, next time I get an offer to write a post advertising products. I might just take it and not mention it. Why? As Writing/Vlogging is now one of my Professions, I need to seriously consider New avenues of making money. I am trusting my readers to be able to tell the difference between a paid post and an unpaid.

Yet, do not worry, it might be a while before another such offer arrives. I did not feel my Blog was quite ready for that step yet, but I am stating that when the time comes, as a Professional Writer, I will seriously consider the offer.

The $80 I was offered to post a paid post would have covered a lot of the cost of yearly Blogging. By next April, I want this Blog to start paying for itself. I want this to be an exciting journey, with many learning points along the way. I might be a Professional Writer/Vlogger, but I am one that is just starting out.

I think this mentality is what is meant by the phrase, “Fake it till you make it!” I have heard this talked about in Law of Attraction, but I do not think that the best way to follow this phrase is to go forth and throw money everywhere. The phrase has a lot to do with confidence.

Do I believe that if I start acting Professionally that I have enough talent as an artist/writer/vlogger? Yes. The real secret to making it in the world is not really talent, the secret is confidence. Just look at the way that Bentinho or Teal makes a video compared to the often doubting writing that I have been putting out.

Now there is nothing wrong with showing doubt and expressing it freely. It will not keep away abundance, yet it can keep you from really trying. If I do not start viewing myself as a Professional, I will only put a hobbies worth of effort into the things I Love to do. Making the video for YouTube was unplanned until a few hours before.

I blanked a lot because I think my eyes were tired. I am that state where I am a little sleepy yet not quite enough to fall asleep yet.

I need to practice talking to a camera until the words are as powerful as my writing. I plan on being a Triple Threat and go across many boundaries. Making this work will be an exciting challenge. For example, how will I promote my art on Youtube? When I get a big enough fanbase perhaps I will have the money to invest in physical materials for art so that I can go beyond just being a digital artist. Perhaps someday I will be able to set up a location to film myself doing art to create Live action art.

So if you didn’t notice, I have a can do attitude right now. If my attitude changes, my writing will change, but I think I captured the emotion of positivity quite well, no? All too often I only portray the doubter in me online, and I wonder why people on forums think I am so in need of Law of Attraction teachings.

I write the emotion I am feeling. Hopefully, this emotion of being a Professional at what I Love shows up more often.

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