Ahh, it is so grey in the sky. Clouds everywhere, and a nice amount of wind. It reminds me of a winter sky, and I was worried that the temperature might have taken a big drop. Luckily, while cooler then yesterday, I did not have to wear a jacket. This must be more like what it is like to live in England or Scotland. People complain about Michigan weather, but to me the only time to really complain is winter. Every other season has plenty of sunshine, and a good amount of rain to water the plants. So I like Michigan 3 out of the 4 seasons.

I have a phobia of driving so do not get out as much in winter. I wear warm winter clothes and people make statements about how prepared I look for the cold. It is necessary when you are waiting for the bus in temperatures that are close to a frostbite warning.

This weather talk has me thinking about Kryon. He is one of my more extremely esoteric teachers. He is channeled by Lee Carroll, and most of his channeling are inspiring hope about the future. He does however state that there is a high possibility of the grid being knocked out by space weather. Also he states that we will be surprised to discover that this global warming will be followed by a mini ice age. In both cases it would be good to have a wood burning stove.

These are so unlike almost everything else he says. Sure he connects the mini ice age to a future ocean with abundantly more fish, and even a grid knock out could potentially change the course of humanity. (It is hard to be digital without power.) Personally, ttimEBush2he grid knock out seems the most likely and most scary.

A lot of New Agers are talking about an awakening. A new consciousness on the way. I want the world to change, but I pray that it happens in the most painless way. I am tired of humans learning lessons through suffering. Can we not learn also in play and joy? I pray that the sun protects us from bad space weather by waiting to miss us each time it coughs. That if there is a cooling after this wa
rming, humans will have warm shelters, and warm food.

Sometimes I worry a little bit about what Kryon says. Yet, I haven’t gone out to buy a wood burning stove. I do not stock pile the dyed food that costs so much to buy. I kind of just hope that if bad things happen God will protect me. If I am indeed as powerful a manifestor as many esoteric teachers say, why should I worry?

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