True Divine Nature – Unique Expression of Consciousness – words of wisdom from spiritual teacher – Matt Kahn talks.

Quantum Leap Journey also talked about Matt Kahn before. (Just posted his article on Bentinho.) So if you want you can get an idea of the teachers I talk about most.

Quantum Leap Journey Change

2 There are many spiritual teachers out there and one may get overwhelmed with all the messages shared from different sources and confused of  what to follow. I am currently working on a more complexed blog post on my absolute favourite Spiritual Teachers and will make it available soon. I believe in “words of wisdom” delivered by “Gurus” that help you to realise that the only true guru is… the Guru of Yourself. Nope, there is no trick in this sentence. If you find out in your heart that we are all One Collective Consciousness having an experience in different diversities of forms, you will realise the Truth behind this sentence at once.

So this blog post is on #whats on my mind at he moment and how I was recently guided to follow some wise talks from True Divine Naturewebsite lead by Spiritual teacher and channeller – Matt…

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